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The Right to cancel

You are allowed to revoke your contractual term in shape of text matter (e.g. via letter, fax or e-mail) without any statement about the reasons within 14 days or – if you are let to have the goods before deadline – you can revoke your contractual term by return of the goods. The period begins after the receipt of  this caution in shape of text matter, but not before the goods arrived at the addressee (in case of recurring delivery of similar goods not before the receipt of the first partial delivery) and not before our disclosure duty according to article 246 § 2 in association with § 1 paragraph 1 and 2 EGBGB and our duties according to § 312g paragraph 1 clause 1 BGB in association with article 246 § 3 EGBGB is fulfilled. For the protection of the period of the right to cancel the punctual dispatch of the revocation or of the goods is enough.

Please address the revocation to:

Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH,

Düsseldorfer Str. 34/36
Germany - 42697 Solingen-Ohligs

The consequences of the revocation

In case of an effective revocation the on both sides received services have to ­­­­­­­­­­­­reimburse if necessary claimed use (e.g. rates) has to be returned. If you cannot reimburse us the received service and the use (e.g. advantages in use) or you can only reimburse them partially or in a worse condition you have to pay compensation. For worsening the goods and for the use of gained use you only have to pay compensation if the gained use or the worsening of the goods can be attributed to yours having to do with the goods, which goes beyond the checking of the qualities and the functioning of the goods. Under the “checking of the quantities and the functioning of the goods” one understands the testing and trying of the prevailing ware, like it is possible and common in a store. Goods which are fit for transport in a parcel shall be sent back at ours risk. You have to bear the costs of the return if the delivered ware corresponds to the ordered one and if the price of the sent back goods does not exceed an amount of 40 euros or ifthe price of the goods is higher, but you did not yet raise the consideration or a contractually agreed installment. Otherwise the return is free for you. Goods which are not fir for transport in a parcel are collected from you. Duties to reimburse for payments need to be fulfilled within 30 days. The period begins for you when you dispatched your declaration of revocation or the ware. For us the period begins when we received this declaration or the goods.

End of the Cancellation policy

If you wish to revoke the contract, please fill in the following form and return it to us.

Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH,

Duesseldorferstr. 34/36 (Fussgaengeroase),

      D- 42697 Solingen-Ohligs (NRW),

                   Tel. +49 (0)212 - 74072, Fax +49 (0)212 - 76809

Unser Fachgeschäft erreichen Sie: Montag bis Freitag durchgehend von 10.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr und Samstag von 10.00 Uhr bis 14.00 Uhr.

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Date: 24.09.2017
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