General Terms & Conditions

General Standard Terms and Conditions - GTC

§1 Scope

(1)     The following GTCs apply exclusively for the business relation between Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH and the customer, who orders goods from our online-sales platform (https://shop.exquisit- moden.deand/or

(2)     According to this GTC all products and services, which can be acquired by an order in the e-shop of Exquisit Moden, are goods.

(3)     The following GTCs do not apply to orders which are not carried out in the e-shop of Exquisit Moden at Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH.


§2 Conclusion of the contract

(1)     The presentation of our products is a sales brochure and not a binding offer.

(2)     Only persons of legal age who have a residence address in Germany or the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, San Marino, Lichtenstein, France, Monaco, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Andorra, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Austria. The delivery of goods takes place only in usual household quantities.

(3)     With your order you put in a binding offer for the purchasing. Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH sends an automatic acknowledgement, which again reveals your order, via e-mail to you. This automatical acknowledgement only confirms that your order arrived at Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH, but does not constitute the acceptance of your order.

(4)     According to the chosen type of payment Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH reserves the right to check your data regarding to the modes of payment, its validity, your financial standing with reference to the value of your order and depending on the results to refuse the acceptance of your order.

(5)     The contract with Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH only comes about when Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH dispatches the ordered goods or sends an order confirmation via a separated e-mail to you. Such an e-mail is immediately sent after your order.

(6)     If the delivery of the ordered goods is not possible, for example because we do not have these ordered goods in stock, Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH will disregard such an order confirmation. In this instance a contract does not come about. We directly will inform you about this and reimburse for already received considerations.

(7)     The language of contract is German.

(8)     The data of your order will be saved within the law. Provided that you registered in the e-shop of Exquisit Moden you can retrieve these data. If you lose the documents of your orders you can turn to us via e-mail ( or via telephone (+49 (0) 212 / 22581612). We will send you a copy of the saved data of you order.


§3 Bearing of costs in case of the exertion of the lawful right to cancel

If you as a customer make yourself avail of your right to cancel according to paragraph 1, you have to pay the costs for the return if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered ones and if the price of the sent back goods is not beyond 70,00€. If the price of the goods is higher, but you did not yet raise the consideration or a contractually agreed instalment at the time of the right to cancel, you also can make yourself avail of your right to cancel.

§4 Reservation of ownership

Until the entire payment the goods are owned by Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH.


§5 Delivery

(1)     The dispatch by Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH occurs to addresses in Germany. The delivery to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Romania, Great Britain and Austria only takes places after advance payment. (including the shipping charges).

(2)     As far as no different delivery times are agreed on, the delivery usually arrives within 5 working days after the placement of the order.


§6 Prices and shipping charges

(1)     The prices which were actual at the time of the order are effective.

(2)     All prices, which are given in the e-shop of Exquisit Moden are fixed retail prices and include the lawful German value-added tax (19%) and are for free (only for delivery in Germany). Package in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, France, Italy, San Marino, Spain, Monaco and Austria flat rate 16.95 € (only  prepayment). Andorra, United Kingdom, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Wales, Scotland, Denmark, Finland, Romania, Portugal, Switzerland and Sweden all inclusive 18.95 €. (only  prepayment).

(3)     Accruing service- and shipping costs can be found on our help-web page. Moreover they are given on the order form.


§7 Terms of payment and means of payment

(1)     Provided that anything differing is agreed on the payment of the purchase price is immediately matured after the conclusion of the contract. If you default Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH is entitled to demand the prevailing lawful interest on arrears. The assertion of a further compensatory damages (e.g. an additional damage caused by default or a further damage caused by delay) is not ruled out.


§8 Liability for defects

According to the lawful regulations, which here are in force (especially §§ 434 ff. BGB) Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH incurs liability for material deficiency and deficiency in title. The period of limitation for lawful warranty claims is two years and start with the delivery of the goods.

§9 Return of the goods

(1)     Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH asks you to carry out the return of the goods with the production of the bill / delivery note to the there given address. By accepting the return of the goods we do not ensure the recognition of your complaints.

(2)     In the case of a deterioration of the goods you are indentured to compensation if necessary. Please pay attention to the cancellation policy under the right to cancel.


§10 Copyright

Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH has copyrights on all pictures, films and texts which are published in the e-shop of Exquisit Moden. The use of the pictures, films and texts is not allowed without any written agreement of Exquisit Moden.


§11 Data protection and creditworthiness check

(1)     Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH makes use of your given personal data (e.g. name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, account number, bank sorting code and credit card number) according to the regulations of the German data protection.

(2)     When you call up our website the software of our web server reads different information which immediately result from the contact between your computer and our web server. No personal data are retrieved. It is about general information like the kind of your browser and the day / point of time of the access. These information are recorded and cannot be classified to any specific person by us. Moreover these data are regularly deleted by us. 

Further data are saved in the so called cookies. It is about files which are conveyed from our web browser to your computer and which are saved there. You can prevent this by setting up your furnishing of the security appropriately. Such an adaptation of the furnishing of the security can for example be made in most of the internet browsers. For appropriate information please contact the producer or seller of your software. Any personal data are not saved in the cookies. The information which are in the cookies are only used for statistical purposes by us. It is about the following information:

(3)     Personal data are only collected by us if you agree. All personal data are treated confidentially. The personal data which are important for the business processing are saved by Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH and are used for the processing of orders, management of the relation with a client, delivery of goods, processing of payments und warding off of loan defaults. In the case of loan defaults these personal data eventually are given to partners of service, who are used for order processing by Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH (e.g. carriers or bank). Moreover these data are made use of for own advertising- / marketing purposes and for market research by Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH (e.g. for the sending of written advertising information). If you did not contradict your e-mail address is used for the sending of the range of goods. Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH will ask for your agreement if it is needed. Especially the sending of our newsletter only takes place if you agree. Additionally telephone calls for advertising are only made if we are in possession of your agreement. You can find more information about our data protection here.

(4)     At any time you can contradict the use or processing of your data for advertising - / marketing purposes or market research by sending a notification to the Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH, Düsseldorfer str. 34/36, Germany- 42697 Solingen | | tel. +49 (0) 212 - 22581612. Furthermore you can revoke consents, which you had already given. According to the Federal Data Protection Act you have the opportunity to receive written information about your personal data which are saved at ours. Then we will tell you where these data come from, to who they were delivered and for which purpose the electronic processing takes place.


§ 12 Information about the on-line quarrel settlement / quarrel arbitration

           The EU commission provides on the Internet under the following link a platform to the on-line quarrel settlement:


           This platform serves as a drop-in centre for the extrajudicial settlement of disputes from on-line purchase or service contracts in which a consumer is                      involved. This gives to consumers the possibility to clear disputes in connection with your on-line order first without intercalation of a court.

           We try hard to add possible differences of opinion from our contract by agreement.

           We are to be pointed out legally obliged you to our e-mail address.

           This is:


§13 Final provision

(1)     The German law is in force. The UN-sales law (CISG) is excluded.

(2)     Responsible for the content:

Exquisit Moden, Schlemper GmbH, Düsseldorfer str. 34/36 (pedestrian precinct),

Germany - 42697 Solingen - Ohligs | tel. +49 (0) 212 - 22 58 16 12


You can contact us via telephone from Tuesday to Friday from 10.30 until 17.00 o’clock.


Exquisit Moden Schlemper GmbH,

Düsseldorfer str. 34/36 (pedestrian precinct),

Germany - 42697 Solingen – Ohligs

manager: Frank Schlemper

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